The Big Idea: The Weight We Carry

Many authors practice literary citizenship in one way or another. Some lead a class for their local library, others, like me, run author interviews. John Scalzi, acclaimed science fiction and fantasy author of a plethora of books, runs a post called The Big Idea on his website (Whatever  Scalzi) for guest bloggers. There, authors give readers “the big idea” of their work.

I wrote a piece for Rewrite the Stars, and John graciously allowed me to come back for The Weight We Carry. What I love about writing these posts is that they force me to really think about why I did what I did. It’s like a mini-dissection of my own writing process sometimes, which, in the end, makes me more articulate about my book and my choices for the book, and writing these pieces also helps me approach new projects differently.

The Big Idea has been running for a long time. Go check out the posts and see what you find. I’m sure you’ll discover a few new authors to read there.

Thanks, John Scalzi, for your support!

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