Writing a page about myself is one of the most difficult things I could sit down to do. I’m a true introvert and would rather the attention go elsewhere. I also fall into the classic “I have loved to write for as long as I can remember” category. That kid whose list of dreams included “write a novel someday”? That was me. So, it makes sense that creative writing was one of my favorite subjects in school. Another favorite? Anatomy. In fact, plastic anatomical models sat next to novels on the bookshelves of my childhood bedroom, and even now, an eighteen-inch articulated skeleton perches on the top bookshelf in our study. (His name is Ernest, by the way.)

No wonder I taught college anatomy and physiology for close to twenty years.

That science background comes in handy when editing or doing research for a book, and my interest in the human body leaks into my stories, too, which almost always feature either physical or mental health concerns. And while it took me a long time to recognize this fact, my passion for anatomy is closely tied to my love for creative writing and editing. When I sit down to revise a story I’ve written or to edit a piece for a client, I tease apart the structure of the work and sentences much like I would during a dissection.

But life isn’t all about writing and science. A long time ago, this introvert hit on a guy at a sand volleyball court in Ann Arbor, Michigan (Go Blue!). Twenty-three years later (and one move to the Buckeye State), we have four children and a rotating cast of pets (depending on what year it is) who all keep me quite busy. And my favorite—and most challenging—role is that of Mom.

Mother, dreamer, author, editor, teacher. That’s me. Thanks for stopping by!