True love and family can never be forgotten.

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About the Author

Warm cups of coffee, good books, and long runs outside. If I had my way, our days would be filled with nothing but joy. But life usually throws us a few things we’re not quite expecting. And then? It’s how we react that makes the difference . . .

About The Weight We Carry

Helping her parents navigate yet another health crisis, Marissa feels overwhelmed about the unwanted responsibility. But when she takes time to listen and observe, she recognizes that not everything is as it seems for her parents' health. Will they be able to accept what's to come once a diagnosis is made?

What's the best way to tell the man
you used to love that you want to be free
to love someone else?

Ending Up Where I Need to Be: An Interview with Lydia P. Brownlow

February 12, 2024

The tagline for Lydia P. Brownlow’s debut novel, Vermilion Sunrise, is “Same galaxy. Different view.” The science fiction genre is one that I rarely read, but that tagline ensured the book’s spot on my TBR list. The book…

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On the Occasion of What Would Have Been Her Seventy-Ninth Birthday

February 8, 2024

Dear Mom, Today you would have turned seventy-nine! In an ideal world, you’d still be alive and mostly healthy (or as healthy as a person of that age can be, which is pretty healthy). I’d call you up,…

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Twenty-Two: Make It Up As You Go Along

January 31, 2024

Dear Zoe and Talia, Several months ago, I wrote “Twins Birthday Letter” in my planner so I wouldn’t wait until the last minute to sit and write to you. I’m happy to report that I began this post…

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