The Weight We Carry

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Black Rose Writing

Published by: Black Rose Writing
Release Date: October 12, 2023



Marissa Raffaelo-Moretta is used to shouldering the burden. As the middle child, she's played the mediator role for longer than she cares to admit. As a mother, she's taken on the exhausting task of primary caregiver. And as a daughter and nurse practitioner, she's spent her adult life being responsible for her parents' physical and mental health.

When her stubborn and impulsive father, Frank, falls and refuses to stay at rehab, she and her brothers bring him home, and Marissa upends her life: she temporarily moves into her parents' house, which takes precious time away from her two sons and jeopardizes her job. Soon, Marissa recognizes that life as they've all known it is about to change: while Frank's ineffective legs are worrisome, her mother Angie's memory issues might be a more urgent dilemma.

A heartbreaking and emotional story of the toll that health crises can have on an entire family, The Weight We Carry reminds us of the fine line between reliance and independence, tending and mothering, and love and obligation.


"The Weight We Carry actually made me feel lighter-Consolino beautifully captures the frustrating, heartbreaking reality of dealing with aging, failing parents, but does so with a story that lifted, rather than burdened me. I fell in love with these relatable, flawed, struggling characters, and appreciated the lovely humor in these pages, too. Anyone trapped in the sandwich generation will feel seen."
-Katrina Kittle, author of Morning in This Broken World

"With insight and love, Christina Consolino presents us with a beautiful story of a family touched by dementia, aging parents, and life's ongoing challenges. She balances both the happy and the difficult moments while looking to the future and the possibility of renewal. The Weight We Carry is a gift."
-Jenn Bouchard, author of First Course and Palms on the Cape

"Truth-filled, gritty, and informative, The Weight We Carry is based in a reality that every person would find enthralling and endearing. Aging parents with health conditions are a part of life for many, and this story provides a window into the struggles that adult children face and sustains hope for not only surviving but thriving. This important novel will remain in my heart for a long time."
- C. D'Angelo, award-winning author of The Difference and The Visitor