Summer Goals

Years ago, I used to blog every day, or nearly every day. Now, I’m lucky to write a blog post once a month, and when I do, it’s not for writing practice or to share what happened during my day or to teach a life lesson or to amuse my kids. It’s to promote an author’s work or my work or something else writing related.

Well you know what? I miss those days of writing blog posts just because. The days when I’d muse on the fluff of a dandelion or the laughter of the twins. The boy-dog relationship between Aaron and Shadow, the nerve-wracking behavior of my parents, the letters to my students. The ordinary days that make life extraordinary.

But I can’t seem to write books and write blog posts; there are, after all, only twenty-four hours in a day. So this summer, I’ve set some goals, and one of those is to write one blog post a week, starting next week.

What will those posts entail? That all remains to be seen. But as I used to say to my readers—when I was a reliable blogger with some faithful followers—stay tuned!

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