#ThrowbackThursdayBookstagram: Gone Girl

#ThrowbackThursdayBookstagram is thrilled to feature GONE GIRL by Gillian Flynn.

First off, please know that Goodreads has this book standing at 2,723,348 ratings and 142,095 reviews, which means, regardless of your opinion, a lot of people read the book. And that, my friends, is something I like to hear. We can all have differing opinions, but at least we’re reading!

My own opinion? I both loved and hated this book, which basically asks the question, “What happened to Amy Dunne?” I loved how Flynn engaged me the story. Something about the writing and the structure kept drawing me forward, and I wanted to know what happened to Nick and Amy, though I could not trust what I was told happened to Nick and Amy. And Nick and Amy themselves? I hated them. Loathed might be a better word, and that’s a word I rarely use. Many times, I was tempted to throw the book at the wall—that’s how much I despised these characters.

And yet, I kept reading . . .

But I’m not the only one with “mixed feelings,” as they say. One of my favorite Goodreads reviews of the book comes from Roxane Gay, who wrote: “I love this book, like LOVE this book, and also I don’t love this book. There are a lot of interesting things going on here from the three sections of the novel and how they work, to the way Flynn works with POV and how she plays with unreliable narration, to the line of anger that runs so neatly throughout the entire book, and how Flynn is utterly unafraid to show people at their ugliest.”

Ugliest, to be sure.

Apparently, it’s been ten years since Gone Girl was published, and Gillian Flynn had this to say recently on Instagram:  “In Gone Girl chronology, Nick and Amy’s child would be close to 16 years old now. I keep wondering what a teenager raised by Amazing Amy would be like… and I’m chilled… in a good way.” That comment has her readers clamoring for more, so who knows what we’ll see next from Flynn.

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