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A handsome stranger. A broken marriage. And a choice that could change her life forever.  

Just a heads-up that Rewrite the Stars is available for free today! If you or someone you know likes women’s fiction with romantic elements, stories with authentic characters, or tales with hopeful endings, this book is for you! Read on for a few of its five-star reviews and a synopsis, and be sure to grab your free copy here.

Rewrite the Stars is a compelling novel with well-developed characters and a strong narrative arc. A gripping book . . . Consolino’s debut novel is a joy to read.” –Amazon Reviewer

“An excellent fiction debut full of emotion and realities.” –Amazon Reviewer

“A story about love, friendship, marriage, new beginnings, and family, Rewrite the Stars is a powerful and poignant read.” –Goodreads Reviewer

“The narrative about PTSD and marital issues was so realistic . . . Although the topics are tough, I enjoyed every minute.” –Amazon Reviewer


Disillusioned about her broken marriage and her husband’s PTSD, mom-of-three Sadie Rollins-Lancaster heads to the grocery store for Father’s Day fixings. But after a charged interaction with the man behind her in line, she brings home more than just vegetables and milk: the man’s voice and smile linger in her mind for weeks. When Sadie formally meets him months later, she’s challenged by emotions and feelings she never expected to feel again. But life is complicated. Sadie’s husband, Theo, the one to instigate the divorce, now refuses to sign the papers. And Sadie has to ask herself: What do I want? Rewrite the Stars is an authentic and heart-touching novel about being brave enough to acknowledge the difficulties we face and having the strength to actively shape our own futures.

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