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Several years ago now (I actually can’t remember when!), I met freelance journalist Carrie Vittitoe when a friend and I headed south to Kentucky to attend a writers conference. She was speaking about her experiences, and since then, we’ve kept up with each other on social media. Fast forward to 2019, and she and Amy Cunningham Smalley decided to put together a bookish podcast on Forward Radio 106.5 called The Perks of Being a Booklover (brilliant title, right?). While I don’t have all that much time for listening to podcasts, I did try to catch a few from time to time. My first thought? These ladies do their research! My second thought? Wouldn’t it be fun to be on their show?

Fast forward again, and that friend I went with to see Carrie in the first place said, “What do you think about this podcast? Would you be interested in being a guest?” Why, yes. Yes, I would.

And so I was. And I had a blast. In fact, the recording took about ninety minutes, but I felt like I could have kept chatting with Amy and Carrie. They were funny, authentic, and invested in the topic. Their questions were nonstandard, and at one point, I asked if I might use one of their questions for my book discussions. Being the kind people they are, they said yes.

You can find the episode involving me and Rewrite the Stars (aptly titled The Bones of a Marriage Laid Bare) here and on my News & Events page. but I encourage you to check out the past episodes that Amy and Carrie have posted. They have interviewed so many interesting people, from Minda Honey (“creator of LEO Weekly’s advice column, Ask Minda Honey, where she gives her answers to all those relationship questions you’ve been dying to ask”) to Mick Sullivan (“the creator of the children’s history podcast, The Past and the Curious, which Common Sense Media lists as one of the best podcasts for kids”) to Tori Murden McClure (“the first woman and first American to ski 750 miles to the geographic South Pole” who “is most known for is her solo journey to successfully row a boat across the Atlantic Ocean in 1999). And the list keeps growing!

They do have a form on their website that states: “Perks is always interested in meeting book-loving people. If you would like to submit your information to be considered as a guest, please complete the form below.”

Whatever you do, show The Perks of Being a Booklover a little love. They deserve it!

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