Think Like a Writer in 10 Minutes A Day

It’s not often I have a guest actually write for the blog. This is my space after all. But sometimes, I believe in writers so much that I want to directly share and promote their work. And today is one of those days. I’m so pleased to have Katharine Grubb here today. Katharine is an almost-done-homeschooling mother, poet, hybrid author, camping enthusiast and confident home cook who thinks that she is the funniest person in her family. She is the founder and CEO of 10 Minute Novelists and lives in Central Massachusetts, USA, with her husband and an ever-varying number of her five mostly-grown children. She is the author of Write A Novel In Ten Minutes A Day (Hodder & Stoughton, 2015.)  

Let’s give a big welcome to Katharine!

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Are you a writer? Or are you not one? Do you see yourself as a writer? 

Have you fallen in love with the written word? Have you ever savored a story, wondered how words came together, longed to see your name on a cover? 

Have you ever thought you’d like to create something, anything, with words, but you don’t know how? 

The first step? See yourself as one. Then, as you get used to this new “identity”, you can take steps to physically and emotionally set yourself up to be productive. This will mean creating a writing space, organizing your time, seeking inspiration, and writing regularly without fear. 

I made this jump from non-writer to writer back in 2006. I had five children, all eight years old and younger, and decided that it was time to restart my lifelong dream to be a writer. Once I saw myself as a writer, grew in organization and discipline, and conquered my fears, I finished projects and published them. Since 2006, I’ve written ten books. 

My newest book Think Like A Writer In 10 Minutes A Day is for the hesitant writer who hasn’t made that jump yet from non-writer to beginner. This book is for that critical first step: to think like one. 

The three sections in it: Logical Thinking, Emotional Thinking, and Resistant Thinking gently helps the wannabe organize their space and time, rein in their emotions, and fight discouraging thoughts that creep up. Each section has several exercises, all short and doable in small increments of time, so that newbie writers can work at their own pace. 

Brenda Ueland said in If You Want To Write: “Everybody is talented because everybody who is human has something to express.” If you have a desire to write, even if you don’t have a clue what it would be, then the next step is to see yourself as a writer, think like one, and begin your journey. 

Think Like A Writer in 10 Minutes A Day will be released on August 31. Sign up here for pre-order information.

Thank you, Katharine Grubb, for your wise words of wisdom!



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