Spring Check-In

Checking in almost midyear (well, spring, really) isn’t something I normally do. After all, we’re all busy, and talking about that busy is boring. So I won’t do it. But I made a promise to myself in January, before all the rigmarole of COVID-19, when I said that I was “taking hold of this new year and making it mine.” In fact, I mentioned to multiple people that 2020 would be MY year.

Why 2020? I’m not sure. But deep inside, I knew that I was ready to take control of a few things that might be holding me back.

So have I made 2020 my year? Why yes, I have. Despite having my children home all day, every day. Despite the increased responsibilities at home due to said children. Despite the possible uptick in anxiety that I might be experiencing on most days (as evidenced by two thumbs that must sport bandages from all my picking), 2020 is my year and will continue to do so.

Arrogant? Maybe. But I’d like to think instead that I’ve finally found the self-confidence to focus on what’s important and to realize that my hopes and dreams count just as much as anyone else’s.

Stay tuned for more on this topic.

Image of blossoms by pasja1000 at Pixabay.com.

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