Who Knew?

My computer took a brief hiatus, which sent me into a tailspin. What about all my writing? Had I backed any of it up? What about that manuscript I’d been working on for a client? Was all that work wasted? I’m happy to say that all files are safe and sound, but do you know what I found when I dug into my files?


That’s right. Ten. A few need some major revisions, but several are in great shape. In such great shape, I am now asking myself: What are you going to do with these ten novels?

I don’t have the answer to that yet, but since I’ve decided that 2020 is going to be my year, I think you’ll be hearing from me and these ten novels sooner rather than later.

I also think I need to give my own writing as much love as I give everyone else’s writing.

Looking forward to seeing my book next to yours!

Picture of cards by Hans Braxmeier at Pixabay.com.

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