What I Realized



While I’m grateful that 2019 is behind us, I’m also grateful for the realizations I gained over the prior year. I’m listing them in no particular order.

  1. Acquaintance circles might stretch for miles, but the number of true friends a person has is very few.
  2. Using people is something that much of humanity does, without thought.
  3. Speaking openly and honestly can sometimes piss people off.
  4. Pissing people off doesn’t always bother me; if the person who is annoyed has done something to hurt me, I’m not all that concerned about their feelings.
  5. Friends are more important to some folks than family.
  6. Self-confidence is a grand characteristic to have, but there can be such as thing as too much.
  7. Sunny days always make me feel happier.
  8. Taking hold of this new year and making it mine sits at the top of my agenda.
  9. Teaching is still a passion of mind, but teaching science no longer holds my interest.
  10. Goodness really does breed goodness, but not all the time.

Image of hands and eyes by geralt at Pixabay.com.

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