Thirteen Reasons

Thirteen reasons I love you, Aaron (to celebrate your thirteenth birthday, of course!):

  1. Your red hair.
  2. Your patience with your little sister (although these days, that patience sometimes wanes).
  3. Your dedication to the feline and canine friends that live with us.
  4. Your ability to put on paper something you envision.
  5. Your wiry arms that still wrap around my middle.
  6. Your love for learning.
  7. Your smile.
  8. Your passion.
  9. Your ability to ask questions.
  10. Your willingness to listen to me (sometimes).
  11. Your tenacity.
  12. Your meticulousness.
  13. Your confidence.

At thirteen, if I had been even half of the person you are now, I might be a very different person. (And that, my friends, is for another post.) As always, I’m looking forward to what you do with this new year, whether it be on the soccer field, in the classroom, or at home. You already make me proud, and I couldn’t possibly love you more that I do right now. May this next trip around the sun be one of your best, ever. (And remind me I said this next year, when I’m lamenting you and your teenagerness.)

Happy Birthday, Little Red!

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