The Best of Women’s Fiction Hot New Releases

Back when I was promoting Rewrite the Stars, I was a guest on The Best of Women’s Fiction podcast. Lainey Cameron, author and host of the podcast, and I had a lovely conversation about the book, the writing life, and so many more topics.

Well, Lainey, who is one of the best supporters of other writers out there, is back again with a way to help folks who have already been on the podcast. She and Ashley Hasty, who now co-hosts the show, have put together Hot New Releases episodes, and The Weight We Carry is featured in this new one.

You can find the link to the episode here. And while you’re there, check out all the other fabulous episodes.

It’s an honor to be among these wonderful authors, and I can’t thank Lainey and Ashley enough for all their support!


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