No Words for the New Year

This post was supposed to be my “New Words for the New Year 8” post, but a cold has me on my bum, and I’m not feeling up to writing anything regarding what my outlook for 2023 will be. That might change in a few days, so if you’re interested in what I might be working toward for 2023, stay tuned. But I would like to look back at what I said last year at this time:

So what I’m looking to hold onto this year is that joy. The feeling that I can get by remembering to take care of myself, cultivate my own needs, and look after me as much as I look after everyone else. And to do that, I will be clinging to the words of the talented author, Dinty W. Moore:

It is only by being attentive to your own vitality and distinct energy, examining and understanding the underpinnings of your thoughts and actions—another sort of mindfulness—that you will be able to bring your perspective forward.

Despite a tough 2022, wherein I still often placed other people before myself, I managed to keep those words in mind, and 2023 will be prosperous because of it: two romance books and one women’s fiction book will be released.

Which reminds me that even when we don’t fully support our own dreams, we can make headway on them.

May 2023 be full of dream fulfillment for you all.

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