Did Someone Say Free?

Book marketing is exhausting, and posting about the book over and over makes me grumpy, but my book (Rewrite the Stars, in case you’ve been ignoring me for a while) is FREE for a few days, so I’m writing about it here. And apparently I don’t care much how my sentences come together, because that first one was the longest I’ve written in weeks. Phew.

Here’s the thing, though. Publishers don’t market as much as they used to, so you, as the author, need to hit the ground running and then keep going, long after the publishing date. In my case, since I run anyway (twenty-five miles a week), you’d think I’d be fine. But I’m not. Talking about my book. Promoting my book. Asking other people to talk about and promote my book. Only one word comes to mind, friends, and that’s “yuck” (which I haven’t used since third grade).

I told myself, though, that I’ll keep going because my goal was to publish the book. And what’s the point of getting a book published and then doing nothing to try and find its way to readers?

So, if you know of any readers who like women’s fiction with strong, complicated characters; stories that feature flawed men and women; books with themes of family, love, and loss; please send them my way. Or direct them to the book on Amazon. Rewrite the Stars is normally free on Kindle Unlimited, but from today until April 9 and then again on April 14, the eBook will be free to anyone who wants it.

And who doesn’t like free things?


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