Sunny Monday

Monday morning blog posts should be inspiring. They should provide the reader something to take with them on their week, sort of like the homily is supposed to do on the weeks I go to mass. Usually I fail miserably short of that goal, and today, I can’t say I’ll reach it either. I’m under a siege here: it’s the end of the semester for me, and grades will be due for each of my classes. It’s also the end of the semester (mostly) for the kids, and at least three of them are juggling a load (or two or three).

I’m not writing to complain, though. Instead, I’m writing to remind myself that even under siege, I am capable of taking care of everything I need to do if (and only if) the sun is shining. That’s right. While it’s taken me a long time to figure out what exactly will make me a productive person, I’ve recently realized that the brightest star in the sky energizes me better than just about everything else.

With a to-do list for this week that is about a mile long, let’s hope for a sunny Monday. (And I’ll shoot for a more profound post for next Monday.)

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