No Words for the New Year 2

For several years in a row, I put together a “Words for the New Year” post, one that helped guide me through the year. I wasn’t unique in this practice. A lot of people choose one word to hold onto as their north star for the year. I tended to choose a quote. But last year (December 31, 2022, to be exact), when I was gripped by a particularly nasty cold (not Covid), I decided I didn’t have time or energy to choose a quote. Instead, I just wished every one a year full of dream fulfillment.

I’m certain a good number of people did realize their dreams, but more importantly, a lot of people had dreams ripped from them. Last year was full of pain, torment, war, crime, and corruption. Many people lost their lives, their livelihoods, or their rights. Many people on this planet scare me—their lack of empathy and compassion, their inability to think of the greater good, their tendency to be selfish and self-absorbed. Honestly, I’m afraid of what 2024 will bring, and I know I’m not alone.

I also know that I’m not alone in trying to make a positive difference every day. My reach isn’t far and wide, but every little kindness helps, and kindness spreads, my friends. So those of you out there making small positive changes? Just keep doing it. And those who haven’t started? Maybe this is the year to do so.

Be well.

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