Audiobook News!

Audiobooks, like all other forms of books, are near and dear to my heart, and I’m so pleased that The Weight We Carry is now available as an audiobook. It’s always interesting to me how a narrator interprets a book, which means I just might have to ask this narrator, Dianne Jackson, to be an interview guest!

If you’re still not sure what the book is about, then let this reviewer speak for me:

“The one thing I noticed right away was that I felt like part of the family. The stress of caregiving takes a toll on everyone, and Consolino brings that to life with her different character perspectives. I love being able to read the different characters’ minds, so I really enjoyed this about the book. Especially heartbreaking were the chapters labeled Her.

Consolino so skillfully brought this family story to life that I couldn’t help but think of my own life and challenges with my parents. And that’s exactly why stories like this are so important. Caregiving can be an exhausting and lonely road but with books like The Weight We Carry; we can all feel a little less alone.”

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