25 Authors and Their Best Advice for Young Authors

I was thrilled to participate in Hasty Book List’s celebration of Young Writer Day on April 10. Ashley Hasty has curated the advice of 25 authors—including me!

What did I have to say? Something I would have liked to hear when I was a kid:

Read everything and anything you can. Take your favorite books and figure out what you like about them and what you don’t, where the author soared and where they could have done things better. Look at story structure and understand why it’s useful. Understand that those who came before are great teachers, but that you can be an excellent writer too. Seek feedback and use that feedback to become a stronger writer. Don’t be afraid of research, don’t be afraid of mistakes, don’t hold onto perfection, don’t give in to self-doubt. Find time to write every day, have fun, and keep going—persistence and perseverance make all the difference!


Read widely, and sometimes step out of your comfort zone. Be open to learning the craft of writing, and seek out feedback from other writers. Use that feedback to make your work stronger. Most importantly, believe in yourself.


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