Taylor Swift-ed

Taylor Swift’s music has appealed to me in the past, and I consider her album Red pivotal in bringing Rewrite the Stars to life (I listened to the album on repeat during the writing of my first draft). While I don’t listen to much of her current work, the twins and I attended a concert of hers years back, and I’m still drawn to her lyrics. Honestly, I think she’s one of the best songwriters alive today.

Which means anyone mentioning books and Taylor Swift in the same sentence is going to cause me to stop.

Amy Lorraine Long has done just that with her fabulous Instagram account, taylorswift_as_books, which pairs the covers of books with photographs of Taylor Swift. Amy clearly puts time and thought into these selections, and many of them are just striking in their similarities. On a whim, I sent her my book cover, thinking she’d never have time to find something that worked.

I was wrong. She said, “Yours was actually super easy,” as if my book were made for the project! Amy added, “I really hope you love it. You got a special one.”

I sure did. Later that morning, when Amy tagged me in a post, I was pleasantly (okay, more than pleasantly) surprised by Amy’s ingenuity. She took a screen shot 3:52 into Swift’s “cardigan” video, which features a white cardigan with blue stars. So well done, don’t you think?

And because I’m kind of obsessed with the account now, I’m including a few others I think are just spectacular.

Why not go on over to taylorswift_as_books and show a little love by following and reposting Amy’s images.

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