Rewrite the Stars

Published by: Black Rose Writing
Release Date: March 18, 2021



Disillusioned about her broken marriage, mom-of-three Sadie Rollins-Lancaster heads to the grocery store for Father’s Day fixings. But after a charged interaction with the man behind her in line, she brings home more than just vegetables and milk: the man’s voice and smile linger in her mind for weeks. When Sadie formally meets him months later, she’s challenged by emotions and feelings she never expected to feel again. But life is complicated. Sadie’s husband, Theo, the one to instigate the divorce, now refuses to sign the papers. And Sadie has to ask herself: What do I want? REWRITE THE STARS is an authentic and heart-touching novel about being brave enough to acknowledge the difficulties we face and having the strength to actively shape our own futures.



Finalist in Ohio Writers' Association Great Novel Contest 2020

REWRITE THE STARS is a slow burn of a novel, with flames licking higher page by page. Sadie Rollins-Lancaster’s life is turned upside down when she meets a stranger at the grocery store, forcing her to ask tough questions about what she values, who she loves, and who, in her heart, she really is. In addition to the love triangle of Sadie, her husband, and Andrew, there’s the love triangle of Sadie from the past, in the present, and looking toward the future. Consolino asks the tough questions about people and relationships: How do we honor our history as we write our new future? What constitutes a family? When can a woman put herself first? This beautiful and eloquent novel explores these questions with depth, grace, empathy, and intimacy, as each of the characters must decide what it means to honor a marriage.”

REWRITE THE STARS is a touching story about love with all the odds against it. Christina Consolino will tug at your heartstrings with this powerful and satisfying novel filled with love, hard choices, and hope. I read it in one sitting and am sure you will too.
—Ann Garvin, USA Today bestselling author of I LIKE YOU JUST FINE WHEN YOU’RE NOT AROUND

Christina Consolino’s debut novel REWRITE THE STARS is a thoughtful, searing account of a marriage in crisis. With deft and skillful prose, Consolino shares the story of Sadie, a wife trying desperately to cope with the effects of her husband’s PTSD, and Theo, who initiates a divorce yet is unable to sever his connection to her. When Sadie meets a man who makes her feel alive again, she must balance her personal needs against those of her husband and children. A fabulous read that will keep you intrigued until the very end.”

As a veteran’s post-traumatic stress disorder exacts a devastating toll on his family, his wife must come to grips with just how much of herself she is able to sacrifice. Rewrite the Stars offers a touching exploration of the complex and divided nature of the human heart.”
—Jenny Jaeckel, author of HOUSE OF ROUGEAUX

An encounter with a mysterious man at a grocery store could change everything for Sadie, an exhausted mom of three struggling to cope with her dissolving marriage to Theo. Meanwhile, Theo, a vet, struggles with losing his family while coping with PTSD. The story, told expertly by Consolino through the voices of Sadie and Theo, is emotionally gripping and touching, creating deep connection and sympathy for the reader with both characters. Who does your heart go to more: A woman who feels she has lost her partner to war and feels terribly alone or a man who struggles with trauma and is now losing the love of his life to another man? You won’t be able to put this one down. A fantastic debut!”

“REWRITE THE STARS gives the reader an insider’s view of a marriage in the midst of falling apart. Much like the movie Marriage Story, this journey leaves the reader rooting for the couple as individuals and as parents. It also shows how outside forces can help a family heal and help them discover a deeper sense of what family really means.”
—Karri L. Moser, author of A HOME FOR THE WINDSWEPT

REWRITE THE STARS is a moving portrayal of a woman’s journey to navigate the hard choices one faces at life’s crossroads and the heart-wrenching decisions she must make to determine her path—a path that will cut through the lives of all those she loves.”
—Traci Ison Schafer, author of THE ANUAN LEGACY

“Christina Consolino spins a bittersweet tale of love and loss, tearful endings, and exciting new beginnings. A natural storyteller, Consolino shines a light on PTSD, a devastating affliction that so often plagues our heroic warriors and their families. With passionate, believable characters you'll root for, REWRITE THE STARS boldly addresses the messiness of love and the excruciating entanglements that keep us from realizing our dreams. Ultimately hopeful and uplifting, REWRITE THE STARS is a beautiful reminder that although relationships shift and change, we must strive for the life we want rather than the life we've got.
—Lori Nelson Spielman, New York Times bestselling author of THE LIFE LIST

“In REWRITE THE STARS, Christina Consolino draws readers into the breaking point of a woman at a critical crossroads in her life. As Sadie moves toward divorce and finds herself taken by the possibility of new romance, this compelling novel examines not only how we choose between the past and the present—and how to honor both—but how we honor ourselves too. An absorbing read, from start to finish.”
—Anne Valente, author of THE DESERT SKY BEFORE US



Chapter 1: Sadie

On the morning my life began to unravel like the hem of my worn-out sweater, I found an old love letter from my almost ex-husband in the bottom drawer of my home office desk. The paper, at least fifteen years old, felt as thin to my fingertips as the lace on the bodice of my wedding dress. Inside the folds of the sheet, Theo had printed a few lines of text in his block scrawl—some words he’d written on his own, some he’d borrowed from our favorite poet, Rumi. You have disturbed my sleep, the text read. You have wrecked my image. You have set me apart.

Times had changed.

Without you, I can’t cope.

And yet, they hadn’t.

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