What's the best way to tell the man
you used to love that you want to be free
to love someone else?


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About the Author

Warm cups of coffee, good books, and long runs outside. If I had my way, our days would be filled with nothing but joy. But life usually throws us a few things we’re not quite expecting. And then? It’s how we react that makes the difference . . .

About Rewrite the Stars

After an encounter at the grocery store leaves Sadie feeling shaken, she struggles to reconcile her feelings. What’s the best way to tell a man you used to love that you want to have the freedom to love someone else?

An Interview with Lainey Cameron

August 17, 2020

Anyone who is even lurking on the outskirts of the Women’s Fiction Writers Association has probably heard the name Lainey Cameron before. She’s an involved member of the group: she served as Head of Writing Workshops and then…

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Backed Up

July 31, 2020

After I had kids, my digestive system changed. Meaning regularity couldn’t be counted upon, and no amount of fruits or vegetables helped. But I wasn’t ready for Metamucil, so I decided to take magnesium instead. It seems to…

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Birthday Learning

July 10, 2020

Dear Melina, Back in March, when we celebrated Daddy’s birthday quarantine-style, I’m not sure I really understood that we’d be celebrating your birthday in a similar manner. But here we are, 107 days (!) later, and we’re choosing…

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