She Knows

He calls her more often now, asking to come for a visit. To stay for a few days and then go home. For years, she’s been trying to get him–them, really–to visit for a weekend. To see their granddaughter and spend time with the girl before she’s grown, or they’re gone. “Time flies,” she says … Read More

The One in Which I Write a Letter to Kristen Bell

Dear Ms. Bell, You might be wondering why an almost 42-year-old woman is writing to you. Since I’m also from Michigan (lived in Troy, Bloomfield Township, Jackson, and Ann Arbor before moving to Dayton, Ohio in 2003), perhaps you’ll indulge me and keep reading. (In fact, had I not moved from Bloomfield, I might have … Read More

Holiday Greetings

Dear Friend, Can I still call you that? We haven’t spoken all year, and yet, I’m sending this letter out to you. I know you ripped open the envelope (or clicked on the link, in this case) with haste. Maybe your heartbeat increased when you saw our names splayed across the top of your inbox. … Read More