Short, left-handed pitchers in Major League Baseball

Baseball season is about to start (Go Phillies! and Go Mudcats!), and when I took a look at the Phils’ roster, I noticed that they have three pitchers who are listed at under six feet tall: Antonio Bastardo, Mauricio Robles, and Raul Valdes.  Curiously, all three are left-handed.  We’re defining handedness as the hand with … Read More

A remedial course in baseball groundskeeping

After every baseball game, the players are responsible for cleaning up the field. Especially rookies. I’m a rookie. We sweep out the dugouts. We rake the dirt along the base-paths. We remove the bases and cover the base posts. We cover the pitcher’s mound and home plate area with tarps. We are a grounds-keeping machine. … Read More

Testudines in the Outfield

No, it’s not what you’re thinking (unless perhaps you’re an environmental biologist). Testudines have nothing to do with Barry Bonds, Jose Canseco, 500 foot home runs, or shriveled things. Opening day for our baseball team was supposed to be Sunday. Sunday was clear and sunny, but not too hot — a perfect day for baseball. … Read More