About Me

Hello and Welcome!

Writing a page about myself is probably one of the most difficult things I could sit down to do. I’m a classic introvert and would rather the attention go elsewhere. And despite all the information I dump into the blog, I’d still consider myself a somewhat closed person.

So what’s to tell?

My name is Christina Consolino. Most people assume that my husband shares that name. He does not. I loved my name and kept it when we married.

I’m a gal who always loved to write but who received a degree in science so that I could support myself and my family if I needed to. (By the way, that degree is from the University of Michigan. Despite the fact that I currently live in Ohio, I am a Michigan girl through and through. Go Blue!)

I write mostly fiction but, due to some family circumstances in the last few years, have also dabbled in personal essay writing.

I can’t say never, but I doubt I’ll write memoir: I lead a very typical life.

I do have some publications, some of which I’ve listed in another tab. I can get you a more comprehensive list if you want them, just head over to the Contact page and shoot me an email. I’ll spare you the scientific publication list! (I will share a link to a chapter from my current WIP, which can be found here.)

My younger sister claims that I am a parenting expert, simply because I have four children and have, along with my husband, spent time and energy raising them. I’m not sure I agree with her, but I do dispense some great parenting advice at times.

My day job is as a teacher at the local community college, teaching Anatomy & Physiology. Without going into the whole sordid story, there was a time when I thought, “I’m not going to finish this Ph.D.” For many reasons, I’m glad I did, the most important of which is I can say to my students and anyone else, “If I did this, so can you.”

I have written and edited for as long as I can remember, and have served as an editor for Literary Mama for almost four years now. During those years, my love for making a piece sing has grown exponentially. I can say, with great accuracy, that I enjoy editing as much as I enjoy writing.

I’ve been asked to serve on the Board of Trustees for The Antioch Writers’ Workshop at the University of Dayton. I’m looking forward to helping make that organization an even more spectacular resource for writers.

If you’d like for me to work with you and help you make your writing the best it can be, check out that same Contact page I mentioned above. It states rates and how you can reach me.

I believe in fairies and unicorns, even though I’ve seen neither.

Happy Writing!