I love living in the 21st century

I love living in the 21st century

scan0149Originally uploaded by three beans Little by little, my parents are divesting their house of my junk. Each time they come to visit, they bring a box (or several) of my Hess trucks, baseball cards, books, Matchbox cars, or old school papers. The last time they were here, they brought an overstuffed folder of my … Read More

Testudines in the Outfield

No, it’s not what you’re thinking (unless perhaps you’re an environmental biologist). Testudines have nothing to do with Barry Bonds, Jose Canseco, 500 foot home runs, or shriveled things. Opening day for our baseball team was supposed to be Sunday. Sunday was clear and sunny, but not too hot — a perfect day for baseball. … Read More

Introducing Nevaeh Kryslyn and Kolt Brody, or whatever…

Whence came the baby name obsession? (I don’t get to use words like “whence” that often, so just play along and nobody will get hurt.) Seriously: 13.2 million hits for “baby names” on Google? Even the Social Security Administration is getting in on the action. I’m pleased to know that part of my payroll taxes … Read More