Tonight, Melina — known to her siblings as The Perfect Child — is doing her first reconciliation. She reminded me this morning before we left for the school bus. She told me, “But I don’t know what my sin is going to be.” So I said to her, “Maybe you should do something at school so … Read More

Short, left-handed pitchers in Major League Baseball

Baseball season is about to start (Go Phillies! and Go Mudcats!), and when I took a look at the Phils’ roster, I noticed that they have three pitchers who are listed at under six feet tall: Antonio Bastardo, Mauricio Robles, and Raul Valdes.  Curiously, all three are left-handed.  We’re defining handedness as the hand with … Read More


Today I discovered a lovely little result. If you list the vertices of a non-self-intersecting polygon in counterclockwise order, then the area of the polygon is where vertical bars denote the determinant. The first thing I thought when I saw this equation was that I could use the nth roots of unity to get the … Read More