Favorite Days

Yesterday morning, after a lovely run in the humid, 56 degree air, I found myself with a handful of errands to run before heading to the elementary school library for my volunteer shift. Knowing I had other places to be in the afternoon, plus a piano lesson, I took a shower, finished my coffee, and threw in some laundry before starting on those errands.

Unlike an hour or so before, the rain had started. In fact, when I left to go to mail a few items, it was, as they say, raining cats and dogs. (Where does that phrase come from, you ask? Read this little post here.) Let me tell you: rain is a necessary evil in my opinion. My attitude suffers on rainy days, and even if it’s a warm rain, like the sort we had yesterday, I get chilled to the bone. As I gathered up my packages and left the house, I cursed myself for leaving my errands for a day like that.

But my favorite little package store came to my rescue. The air inside the store felt hot and toasty against my chilled skin, and as I spoke with the proprietor, my body began to thaw. Soon, the conversation veered onto the topic of frigid rain, the thermostat setting in the store, and the fact that people like me are always cold.

“I set my thermostat to 72 degrees in here. There’s no reason to be cold at my age,” the woman said.

“I agree,” I replied. “So I have to tell you. With a space heated like this, you might just find me huddled in the corner some morning when you come in here!”

The woman laughed, and told me I was welcome to perch in her corner. The place is pretty tiny, and really, her corners have no room for me and my computer, but between the temperature of the store and the warmth of the owner, my attitude turned around. Days with unexpected pick-me-ups are some of my favorite days.


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Christina Consolino is a mother, dreamer, author, editor and teacher from Dayton, Ohio. She's a member of the Plot Sisters and teaches Anatomy & Physiology at Sinclair Community College. She writes literary women's fiction, personal essays and more.

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