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Back in early November, I caught what I figured was a regular cold. I didn’t feel too badly, and I managed to get to class everyday. But the cough lingered. and by December 2, I made my way to the clinic to  see why I kept doubling over with a hacking cough.

“Your lungs sound clear,” the woman said. “Do you suffer from seasonal allergies?”

“Not that I know of,” I told her.

“Well, I think you might now.”

She sent me off with some information about seasonal allergy medicine and a good feeling that at least my lungs were healthy.

Yet, the cough persisted, and soon enough, my chest hurt. It wasn’t the type of pain caused by too much coughing–I’d felt that before, usually in my abdominal muscles. And while maybe the muscles associated with my ribs were overused, something didn’t feel quite right. So, back to the clinic I went.

“Yeah, classic case of mycoplasma. You basically have walking pneumonia.”

Walking pneumonia doesn’t sound and feel that bad, really. My pulse oxygen was fine. I didn’t really have any other symptoms than a cough and chest pain, and I didn’t have a fever (like you might have with regular pneumonia). But this is what I’ve learned, and why I’m writing this account down. Walking pneumonia can still hit you where it hurts and make you stop what you’re doing. For quite a while.

Because I’ve basically been doing nothing since mid-December. My semester had ended by the time I was diagnosed (so no grades to worry about), and the kids classes were winding down, too. But I’ve done no writing, on blogging, no revising, no editing. Cooking for Christmas? Not so much. No holiday cards, either. (So hope you all had a very Merry Christmas, a wonderful Hannukkah, and a Happy Kwanzaa, Diwali, Festivus, or whatever holiday you celebrate!) And get this: up until a few days ago, I cut out running, too.


But I just finished my steroid doses and I think I’m on the upswing, so I’m celebrating my transition back into what I hope is good health! And with the New Year right around the corner, I need to get myself back into a schedule for just about everything. I’m looking forward to being back behind the keyboard so that I can be in touch with you folks. Stay tuned for how this New Year will go for me. And feel free to send me an update on what’s happening with you.

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Christina Consolino is a mother, dreamer, author, editor and teacher from Dayton, Ohio. She's a member of the Plot Sisters and teaches Anatomy & Physiology at Sinclair Community College. She writes literary women's fiction, personal essays and more.

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