(2017 NaNoWriMo) Captain’s Log, Day 21

Pushing my morning run to 5 a.m. due to a breakfast meeting made me miss out on writing time. I eventually found some, much later in the day when I proctored an exam for a colleague. But between keeping an eye on the students and grading a few exams of my own, I didn’t make much progress at all. However, I’m forcing myself to really think this NaNoWriMo story through. Right now, there are too many humongous holes and, as is usual with my first drafts, not a lot happens.

But who wants to read a story in which nothing happens? Not me. In fact, I don’t even want to read my own book!

Looks like I have my work cut out for me, a challenge I’ll gratefully accept.


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Christina Consolino is a mother, dreamer, author, editor and teacher from Dayton, Ohio. She's a member of the Plot Sisters and teaches Anatomy & Physiology at Sinclair Community College. She writes literary women's fiction, personal essays and more.