Everyday Inspiration

With all the negativity in the press these days, I find myself looking for inspiring moments in just about any place I can find them.

I’m always drawn to nature, of course, so  it’s easy to look outside at the rabbit who munches on our front lawn every morning. She’s a cute little bunny that Melina named Cocoa, and each time I see her, I think of just how beautiful the Earth’s creatures can be.

This week, I spoke to a couple of people who inspired me. One, I don’t know, but had a lovely conversation with in an office setting, and the other, I do know, but I hadn’t spoken to him for some time. I felt energized and hopeful after our conversations, something I haven’t felt in a long time.

It was a good reminder to me how important inspiration is not only for writing, but also for a healthy and happy life.

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Christina Consolino is a mother, dreamer, author, editor and teacher from Dayton, Ohio. She's a member of the Plot Sisters and teaches Anatomy & Physiology at Sinclair Community College. She writes literary women's fiction, personal essays and more.