Roy Galahad Biv III, Hosiery Expert

Zoe and Talia have a thing for socks. I suppose it’s our fault. When they were babies, we’d put little socks on their little feet with no regard for matching one sock to the other. But hey, you try being a graduate student who’s just become a parent to twins and see how high socks are on your list of priorities. Even to this day, we neither match nor fold together any of the kids’ socks. Once they’re out of the dryer (the socks, not the kids), they all go into a drawer in the kids’ bathroom. As a consequence, when they’re getting dressed for school, the girls will typically wear mismatched socks. (Yes, fascinating, isn’t it? But there’s a point — well, not really, but there is at least a picture.) They are also a sufficiently impressive influence on Aaron that he has developed the same tendencies — even to the point of wearing one purple and one pink when his sisters do.

On Thursday, though, they quite outdid themselves. The girls decided that they and Aaron should have rainbow feet, and managed to get everyone’s socks on in the proper order, Roy G. Biv and all that, with no help from Chris or me. Having only six feet among themselves, and not really understanding the continuous nature of the solar spectrum, they had to let one color go (poor neglected indigo, as it happened).

As they say in mathematics, the result follows:
It remains to teach them the difference between normal and anomalous dispersion.

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  1. I remember you teaching me all about Roy G. Biv when I was little. 🙂

    Now you just need to explain Halley’s Comet, drive to Dairy Queen in an old VW bug, and play “Mysterious Ways” by U2 for them and they’ll be all set. Or at least have the same childhood experiences that I did.

  2. I wish I knew when the next great comet will zoom by. Halley won’t return until about 2061. By such time, the kids may well be grandparents, and I might have lost my lifelong battle with entropy. We go to Dairy Queen regularly. Come out to visit and we’ll take you! Unfortunately, the kids are anchored to car seats when we go anywhere (it’s the LAW), so I don’t see driving a VW bug in their immediate futures. As for U2, that’s a good idea. I’ll have to find the album because I think they’d really dig “Mysterious Ways.”

  3. “Mysterious Ways” is indeed awesome. And while I’m saving my vacation days to visit in August after the birth of bean numero cuatro, I’m going to have to pass on the DQ. I’m lactose intolerant now, new development. Very exciting.

    I still wholeheartedly support popsicles, however. 🙂

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