Vomit is not one of Santa’s reindeer

So, we were supposed to go to Michigan last weekend for our niece’s first birthday. On Tuesday evening, Zoe came down with a case of the pukes. The all-night long pukes. We kept her home from school on Wednesday, but sent Talia, and told Chris’s family that as long as everyone else stayed healthy, we’d see them on Saturday. Zoe seemed fine by Wednesday evening, so she went back to school on Thursday. Little did Chris and I know that Zoe actually threw up again Wednesday night, but got it entirely in the bowl we’d left by her bed. Clever little thing that she is, she hid the bowl because she didn’t want to miss school again. When we found it on Friday, the girls tried to claim that the cats did it.

Nevertheless, we were still thinking that we’d be able to make the trip to Michigan. And then Friday night happened. Around 11 pm, we heard Aaron start to puke. I ran into his room and cupped my hands in front of his mouth to try to catch the vomit. Because of the darkness, I was unaware of the half-gallon (the boy’s an eater) of partially digested food he’d already gotten on his blankets, sheets, pillow, and beloved moose-moose. The pint or so I’d managed to “save” was worthless. Aaron went into the tub while his PJ’s, bedding, and moose-moose went into the laundry. After his bath, Aaron decided he wasn’t quite ready to go back to sleep, so he and I were downstairs for a little while to let Chris try to get some rest. He threw up three or four more times during the night, and we decided that Michigan was a no-go.

By Saturday morning, Aaron seemed to be almost back to normal. We kicked the soccer ball around and did our usual Saturday horse-play. Because I haven’t stopped typing yet, you know what happens Saturday night: it was Talia’s turn. By now, we’re used to it: strip the bedding, put the child in the tub, and expect maybe four more regurgitations. It was probably the fourth or fifth load of laundry we’d done since Thursday. We decided I’d be on bucket duty in the girls’ room. About two in the morning, after she’d thrown up two more times, my stomach started to feel unsettled. Hooray! My turn!

As of Sunday night, nobody here has thrown up since 4 am Saturday. We’re very glad we didn’t experience this in the car on the way to Michigan. We stayed in our pajamas all day, and all three kids got bathed again. Amazingly, the pregnant lady is the only one who hasn’t puked.

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